Caroline North

Born in Switzerland I got in touch with the mountains quite young. But it took a while until I started climbing at the age in a youth group from the German Alpine Club (DAV). I climbed mostly outside, but also competed in some national youth sport climbing competitions. However for me the most attractive were the big walls and mountains. During an exchange year in Argentina I participated at my first expedition at the age of 16 (Aconcagua). Since then I couldn’t stop travelling and climbing and accomplished several other Expeditions.

When I finished school I could finally move closer to the mountains and started studying in Lausanne. It still is my base camp and gives me great opportunities for rock, ice and mixed climbing! Beside my studies I try to spent as much time as possible on expeditions and in the mountains.
From 2011to 2013 I have been a member of the first female expedition team from the german alpine club, which gave me the chance to improve a lot.